Business Applications

Business Applications

Building the tools you need today to answer the questions you’ll have tomorrow.

Peko Data custom software solutions provides users with a comprehensive suite of project management, file management and HR tools to maximize collaboration and efficiency.

Easy Access To All Of Your Company Information In One Intuitive Secure Environment.

While out-of-the-box software is often fast and inexpensive to implement, it may not always be the best answer to your technology, management, or resources dilemma. Every business has quirks in organization and operation. We develop our custom software to integrate with your company’s current processes to help organize your business, maximize benefits and company profits, and minimize your staff’s effort and costs.

Peko Data utilizes advanced data storage networks with companies with our custom software to provide unlimited storage for our clients. Cloud-based systems off your business flexibility, advanced disaster recovery, increased collaboration, enhanced security.

Digital Workplace Solutions

Project Management Software

Project Management

Streamline the decision-making process with a solution that keeps you and your team organized. From reduced software and licensing expenses to ease of system integration, our web-based application help business owners achieve their key objectives.

HR Software

Employee & HR Portals

As a supportive and integral part to the organization, HR is highly critical on a whole. Through our platform, human resource initiatives can be tracked and maintained in one location which lead to overall improved communication and efficiency of administration.

File Management Software

File Management

A primary goal is to manage all company documents digitally, successfully. Effective file management software moves your business into an age of digital distribution so that the security, sharing, reliability and speed of information becomes easier.

Facility Management Software

Facility Management

Maintenance can be viewed as the “cost of doing business”; however, using our software can demonstrate how it is a valuable part of the organization. Our reporting tools will deliver timely and relevant information for key stakeholders to make informed decisions.

Peko Data creates cloud-based, data-driven business management software with a robust data analytics platform.

Let us help you solve a business challenge by building a software solution to integrate into your company’s existing environment.